Why Social Media is Beneficial for Your Business

One of the biggest mistakes a small business can make is to think that social media is for teenagers and every other bakery with cupcakes and pink tassels. Many companies lose interest when it doesn’t bring them viral marketing success overnight, but these days everyone and their mothers are using some sort of social platform, and the point is if you’re not there, you’re losing out on business. Here are some reasons why you need to start getting sociable.

Engagement with your customers

Social media is basically a plethora of small conversations around your brand. People are finding so many more ways to make social media a part of their everyday lives, and if you want to get in on the action, you have to be present where they’re spending their time. Without a strong presence, you’ll not only appear un-tech savvy, but you’re leaving a gap for your competitors to swoop in and steal this golden opportunity to get involved.

Brand recognition
Marketing for dummies has already taught us that you need to be where your clients are. Social Media networks enable your company to reach millions of potential customers in places where they are already spending their time. Naturally, they will start to notice your brand the more they are exposed to it. If you are honest and transparent about your motives and you offer content of value, users will start trusting your brand.

Increase your real estate on major search engines

As we all know, Google Social Search went live in 2009. This means that from then on, Social Media had an influence on what is displayed on the search result pages. If you were looking for a cool new Italian restaurant in Cape Town, for example, you’d start looking online, wouldn’t you? Google is likely to now reveal the social media pages of area restaurants, such as Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, or Twitter. Creating social profiles that are rich in keywords and have high-quality content can help generate traffic to your social media pages and also your website.

Everybody is involved and taking part.
Nowadays, even the older generations are actively integrating social media into their daily lives. For instance, Nicole is looking for a new job as a Marketing Manager and has tweaked her profile on LinkedIn. Mary Ann has started a new Wedding Coordination company and showcases her reception layout on Pinterest and post-wedding videos on TikTok. Even Dad organized a weekend at Sunset Safari because he claimed a special deal on Facebook Offers.

Keep in mind that only sharing your photos and videos on a social platform is not enough; you must have a bunch of followers to make your posts viral. Today, TikTok is the leading platform on the social media landscape. If you participate in TikTok challenges, you should have more followers to get more eyes on your content. If you are new to the platform and want to make your videos popular in no time, buy TikTok followers is the safest bet.

Monitor your brand
By being a part of the online conversations around your brand and actively engaging with these users, you have the opportunity to lead the conversation and what is being said. Facebook allows you to post events and share the occasion with peers. With offline media, you can easily lose an invitation or flyer and forget about the event. By creating an online event, you can digitally track the RSVPs, share the event virally and create a big “ado” about your soiree.

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