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Is BOTIM Free in the UAE?

BOTIM is developed by an American technology company that designs software and other mobile phone-related programs. BOTIM got famous in the UAE after restrictions on apps that have similar functions.

Through BOTIM users can voice as well as video call other people wherever they are in the world. BOTIM call UAE took flight because of the ease of access and the convenience of the application.

How to Use BOTIM?

BOTIM is pretty much like any other messenger or calling application. If the other person you are trying to contact has BOTIM then you can just call them. However, to use BOTIM, you have to subscribe to it which can cost money.

The subscription of BOTIM has different rates based on what you want to use it with. For example, if you want to enable the service on your mobile phone it will cost 50 AED per month. If you want to subscribe to use it with your home WIFI then the service will cost you about 100 AED per month.

Botim App

But if you want free calls in Abu Dhabi and Dubai then you can use the Toktok application that has been launched by BOTIM itself. It does almost everything that BOTIM does but not in that quality. IF you want the best experience then you will have to subscribe to BOTIM.

If you want to download BOTIM free, you can’t because it is a paid application and to use it you have to subscribe to its monthly plan. However, once you have subscribed you don’t need to do anything extra and enjoy a seamless experience for the whole month.


BOTIM is a very prominent video and voice calling application that is very famous in many parts of the world. It is used a lot in Singapore and UAE has also licensed the app now. It is a very good replacement for the other apps that people used before. It can be used for meetings and calls etc.

The best part about the application is that it is not restricted to certain software. It is available to use on all mobile devices no matter their software. You can also use it on your laptop or computer. You just have to scan the code showing on your computer screen through your phone and you will be logged in automatically.

Botim Video Calling

BOTIM prime is also the latest feature through which you can access a variety of buy one get one free deal throughout the famous restaurants of the UAE. Moreover, you can also switch over to a business profile and run your business by providing your BOTIM account number.

The platform can’t be used for free but under Toktok you can use it for free but of you want the premium features and offers then you must subscribe to one of the packages through the application and you will be good to go.