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What Is An Online PDF Editor And How To Use It?

Online pdf editor can be used for editing files straight from the internet. It sees to it that all the published articles are readable through any device with no hard copy file needed. With an online pdf editor, you can do several kinds of changes to your document right away without having to download it.

Here are some tips about using an online pdf editor:

Create A Free Account

Create A Free Account On PDF Editor

To use this tool properly, you need to create an account first. This list will contain your documents and all the list of changes made inside it. You can even upload pictures or videos within your document which is great for things like travel logs or recipe books! From here, go ahead and click on “New Document.”

The Blank Page

All you have to do is type your whole document. After which, go ahead and click on the “File” tab from the top section of your menu bar.


Online pdf editor lets you add different kinds of stamps like the classic “Underline” or the more professional-looking “Aqua.” You can even drag your pictures in there to customize it!    

Customize your document further by adding shapes. From here, go ahead and click on the little “+”

You can also drag these stamps into the blank page that you created.

Types of Changes

These changes will be shown beside each stamp tool. Some include: inserting bullet points, checking/unchecking checkboxes, resizing text box and inserting images.

Get Edited File Successfully

Get Edited File Successfully

Once done with making a change, make sure to click on “Update” until it shows a green checkmark beside the changes made in order to save all those updates you just did! From here now open another window for logging out from your account by simply clicking on “New Document.” And voila! Your document has been successfully uploaded and will be accessible immediately if ever wanted.


Being able to edit and save your document without the need of using a hard copy or having to retype everything can be very helpful for those who have limited time or budget.

If you haven’t tried using an online pdf editor yet, go ahead and try it to see if you like its features. You can also create documents that are very professional-looking by adding images and other media there too.