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Graphic Designer Salary In Dubai

In recent years, graphic design has become a major industry in Dubai. In the past decade alone, companies from all over the world have set up offices in Dubai and put out a call for local graphic designers to work with them. This is due to the increasing demand for branding and advertising campaigns across the region. The salary range of a Graphic Designer in Dubai ranges from AED 40,000-110,000 per annum while some can earn upwards of AED 220,000 per annum. However, this varies on factors such as experience level and whether you are employed by a company or freelance.

Graphic Designer Salary in Dubai

Graphic Designer Salary in Dubai

The average salary of a graphic designer is $45,000 – $55,000. The minimum salary is about AED 1,050 per month; the maximum salary can go up to AED 10,500 or more per month (approximately between $272 and $3,300).

It’s not just how much an employer is willing to pay a graphic designer, but also the specifics of the position. A starting graphic design job in Dubai or Abu Dhabi will have a different average salary than a more experienced one.

The factors that affect the pay rate are the city, gender, education level, experience, skills, government vs private sector, and more.

Responsibilities of a Graphic Designer

As a graphic designer, your responsibilities include creating an identity for a company that will serve as the foundation. You do this by applying colours, fonts, and images to products or services. In addition to designing graphics for different mediums such as print or screen design, you may also be responsible for multimedia projects such as video and web design.

A graphic designer’s success is often measured by the success of their clients. Your goal is to create a design that will help your client achieve its goals.

The career path for a graphic designer does not always lead to ownership or management, although it can. You may work as an independent freelancer or join a company where you will work under a creative director.

Education Requirements For Graphic Designer Job In UAE

The UAE is one of the most sought after destinations for graphic designers. It offers a combination of career prospects and lucrative salaries.

Most graphic design jobs in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or other Emirates require at least a bachelor’s degree in graphic design, printmaking, information technology or related field. A master’s degree can also help you stand out from the competition.

Graphic designers who have a degree related to their profession are always given preference or are more likely to be employed. A bachelor of fine arts (BFA) in graphic design will give you an advantage over other applicants, especially if they do not hold a degree in the same subject.

A degree will also make it easier for you to find a job as most employers want to see that you have gone beyond just learning the basic skills of graphic design and tried to enhance your knowledge and skill through formal education.

Skills Required For Graphic Designer Job In The United Arab Emirates

Skills Required For Graphic Designer Job In The United Arab Emirates

You may not be a creative person by nature, but if you want to become a graphic designer, then it is something you will have to learn. It’s just like any other profession – before being hired for a certain job, you have to prove your skills and knowledge.

The UAE has the highest literacy rate in the Middle East at 94%, which means the competition for graphic design jobs is keen. The market is full of qualified graduates who are willing to work hard to get noticed, so you will have to stand out from the rest with creativity and passion.

There are different types of skills that a graphic designer needs. You should be proficient in using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Dreamweaver. These are industry standard tools that can help you create impressive designs for print or screen.

Having good communication skills is also important because graphic designers essentially serve as liaisons between their clients and the rest of the company. A strong portfolio will make it easier for you to convince potential employers of your design capabilities.

Clients may want you to work on their designs for free as a form of an internship. This can be a good idea because it gives you the chance to gain more experience and build your portfolio.

There are different types of graphic designers working in different industries, but however diverse these categories are they generally require the same skillset including creativity, imagination, graphic design skills, and an awareness of the latest trends in your industry. The type of graphic designer you become will depend on factors such as your interests, strengths, and goals.


It’s no secret that Dubai is a hub for design and creativity, with an incredible opportunity to earn as much as you want. If you’re looking to work in this exciting city, then get out there and find your dream job! The best way of doing so will be by taking the time to research different companies, before applying directly. Good luck!