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Where is Clipboard on iPhone?

To find a clipboard on iPhone is not as simple as just tapping on the icon because there is no dedicated icon for it. However, on regular android phones, you can quickly locate the notepad or clipboard in the app menu or even download other ones from the Play Store.

Because of the lack of information, many people ask where is clipboard on iPhone? Unfortunately, on an iPhone, there is no viewable clipboard at all. 

Apple has its own massive ecosystem in the field of technology, due to which you don’t need any device from any other manufacturer. In addition, Apple has its own maps, app store, music application, and cloud storage. 

This company also makes other devices like laptops, tablets, and earphones, so you don’t have to buy anything other than their own products. And everything connects seamlessly with each other through one apple ID. But the absence of a clipboard application creates some problems for people.

The iOS clipboard is a private system, and you can’t simply open it by tapping on an icon. Items copied to the clipboard can be pasted several times until they are overwritten by the next thing copied to the clipboard. If you want to copy different notes on a clipboard, that is not possible as it allows one entry at a time.

How to Access iPhone Clipboard?

But accessing the clipboard is very simple:

  • To access your clipboard, simply tap and hold any text field and select Paste from the menu that appears.
  • On an iPhone, the clipboard can only keep one copied item. This single item can be pasted in its totality; thus, you can paste the whole thing if you copy a page of text.

This was the simple way through which you could access the clipboard on your iPhone. However, copying the file to the clipboard doesn’t mean you have access to the clipboard application as there is no physical application for that. You can download clipboard apps to solve the issue, and the iOS clipboard will overwrite itself when you copy something new or restart your device. Thus, they are almost non-useful.

Ways to Access Your Clipboard Data

As discussed in the article, you cannot directly access the clipboard, but there are a few hacks through which you can store your clipboard directory.

Method 1: Use Notes

 Using Notes Ways to Access Your Clipboard DataThe simplest of the ways is to save your clipboard files in your notes. Then, when you copy something, you can keep the text safe for the future by using the note application.

    • Simply go to that text or anything you want to copy.
    • Open the notes application and paste it into a new note. 
    • Once a new file has been copied, the older one will remain in your notes, and you will have your data stored.

Method 2: Use Third-Party Apps


Another way is by using clipboard applications available on the app store. They can help you navigate your clipboard history. 

The process to get a third-party application is very simple; you have to download the application, for example, clipboard ++ or copying application.

  • To do this, just got to the app store on your iPhone and searched the clipboard++ application or copying.
  • Tap it and enter your Apple ID to download it.  
  • Once downloaded, copy something on your clipboard and then overwrite it by pasting something else.
  • Then go to the application, and it will have your clipboard history. 

It’s a handy little tool that can help you out to keep a check on your clipboard history. With this tool, you can use all your copied data in the future without any restrictions. 

Keeping Check of Your History

check clipboard history on iphone

When you download applications other than those that are pre-installed on your iPhone, there are risks of a security breach as those apps ask permission to access your data. In addition, your phone has various sensitive things like bank accounts, passwords, and other stuff that can harm you if leaked or hacked. Therefore, once you are done with that link or text you copied, delete it from the history app, so there are no chances of data mishandling. 

Security and privacy on iPhones are generally considered to be top-notch, so you don’t have to worry about it that much. But erasing the data once you’re done with it is always advisable to be on the safe side. 


If you want to save your data once to your phone, you can do that until you copy the next file. The data stored on the clipboard is very safe, and you can access it whenever you want. The only drawback here is that it doesn’t allow multiple clipboard saves or history; therefore, some people don’t find it as useful. Otherwise, it is a great feature to have and is entirely safe to use. To get access to your clipboard, you can try other mentioned ways without any security risk. 


Can we enable the clipboard application icon through settings?

No, you can’t because Apple doesn’t provide you with a data-centered clipboard; therefore, there is no application for it either and can’t be enabled through any settings.

Can we use a third-party clipboard from the apple store?

Apple does have a few clipboard applications in its apple store. Still, they are practically unusable because the original clipboard overwrites them when you access them.

How can I see my copied file if there’s no clipboard application?

You can have your file stored until you need it, and when you require it at a place, you can simply long tap on that area of the screen and paste it there. 

Is it safe to use apps that save the clipboard history?

Yes, most of the time, it is safe. However, keep in mind that you sometimes provide the application with valuable information. Therefore, it is better to delete the clipboard history once you are done with that file.