Should You Ditch Social Media for a Healthy Life with Sports and Fitness

The world has historically been rich with various kinds of sporting events. The celebration of sports began in the Roman era with the Olympics. Although the first recorded Olympics was around 776 B.C E, sporting events were there even before that. But with the advent of time, humankind has evolved its communication technologies, and soon we were transmitting live sporting events across the globe. It was a never-before experience that brought live sports action to your home and inspired athletes throughout the world to participate.

Modern Day Couch Sports

Modern Day Couch SportsWith the advent of the internet, things took a turn towards more reachability and coverage. You could now see matches live on your hand-held devices. But sadly, something also crept in–Social media stigma. As much as sports was loved over the internet, there has been a stark diversion of the millennials towards online gaming and self-validation.

Online gaming has been there for decades, but kids are glued for hours with the new live-streaming technology, watching online gameplay by established gamers. No one wants to get up and play a sport physically. Playing a First-person shooter online with your friends has become the new meet-up. The digital world is slowly snatching away the zeal of the kids to go out and play. Yes, the awareness of exercise is being spread, so many people are opting to check out the best  Dubai Gyms to catch up on their health.

It is no lie that if this continues and parents continue to opt for the easy way out by just handing the tablet to the kids, we will see a generation that will never see the sunlight or sweat on the ground. Gen y parents must form a habit of outside play at a regular interval, as this will install discipline and teach valuable lessons of consistency and untiring focus towards sports.

Communities formed to discuss eminent sports personalities have instead turned into an abusive commentary box rather than being an inspiring and healthy discussion. The power of the freedom of expression has put a pen to the mouth of several unwanted elements who just disrupt an environment of good, healthy competition and make it an arena of hate and verbal abuse.

Social Media Brightside-Get Noticed

Social Media Brightside-Get Noticed

On the positive side, there is no denying that social media spreads awareness about various kinds of sports and has helped aspiring athletes who are devoid of basic training facilities to watch online training videos and keep themselves motivated. Specific channels dedicate their work to uplifting deserving athletes in the mainstream media and giving them a platform to shine. The awareness helps authorities notice the disparate condition of deserving athletes and thus provide them with a chance to prove themselves against the best out there.

In Conclusion

The whole idea of social media was to make you aware and inspire you to co-create a world of self-awareness and help you progress in whichever path of interest you choose to pursue. But with unwanted content flooding every second, one has to be highly focused and determined towards the goal they want to achieve in the field of sports to make their name in the history books!

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