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Roll Cages Used in Hospitality

Many large institutions, including hospitals and clinics, hotels, hostels, care homes, and residence halls, depending on the safe and hygienic transportation of laundry from one location to another.

At Al Ameen, we provide a selection of Roll cages that are deliberately made for this particularly specialized job. Each product is built to withstand heavy use in demanding environments.

What is a Roll Cage and Why Should Hospitals Use Them?

 A roll cage trolley is essentially a straightforward, tall, metal, cage-like, trolley on wheels. It has accessories and somewhat different styles that give it adaptability. The convenience of usage of a roll cage trolley is the main factor that makes them advantageous for your company. They offer a reliable solution for storage and make it easy to transport supplies and machinery between areas of business or around the workspace. When not in use, they can be easily folded up and stacked or nestled.

There is a lot of linen used in the hotel or healthcare sectors, and this needs to be conveniently kept and moved about the facility. Additionally, the linen needs to be maintained tidy while it’s being transported. A roll cage trolley may include racks and a cover to safeguard the contents.

Warehouses require applications for loading and unloading that are effective and efficient. Workers can move easily and conveniently through the warehouse by using a roll cage trolley. The cage makes it simple to pick, load, and unload goods and stock, speeding up and improving handling processes.


Roll cages for laundry machines are incredibly effective and adaptable and can be utilized in a variety of material handling applications. Laundry cages are an essential component of the process of washing and storing big volumes of laundry and linen since they were created expressly for the linen and laundry industries. Laundry cages are the ideal laundry cart since they offer good visibility for the items stored within. They are a terrific solution for anyone seeking for an efficient and ecological method of distributing laundry because they are often composed of wear-resistant electrolytically galvanized steel. Some of them can be folded in half and feature a front gate that hinges, which makes picking and stacking the clothes more convenient and quick.

Specifically designed to handle laundry more efficiently, laundry trolleys also lessen the risk of repetitive stress injuries. The design of ergonomic laundry trolleys ensures that the trolley will be close to the equipment so that the clothes do not wind up on the floor, making them ideal for laundries, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, spas, and more!

Features of Laundry Roll Cages

  • An immediate solution for logistical peak moments
  • Our laundry roll containers can be used flexibly
  • Guaranteed quality, perfect maintenance
  • The current range of laundry roll containers that are quickly available
  • Freedom of movement in your storage and spending space for other things
  • Kick plate or step to help the operative tilt the cage
  • Handles or hand-holes ergonomically located to make it easier to manoeuvre in tight areas
  • Solid or transparent covers with document pouch and optional screen printing
  • Company logo can be incorporated into the body & cover

If you want to manufacture roll cages and buy custom roll cage pallets then visit our Dubai showroom soon and consult with a sales person about your requirements.

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