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Misconceptions of Professional Document Translation Services

The translation world can be confusing. It involves so many fields, services, and positions. Not everyone really understands what happens inside this industry, what types of services are provided, and how things work. In fact, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions about translation out there. 

So, let us have a look at some of the most common misconceptions that surround the translation world today. 

1. Bilinguals Can be Translatorsbilingual language

According to this misconception, any person who knows two languages can translate anything. The truth is that translation is far beyond just translating word by word from one language to another. It requires verbal and written command of both languages, understanding of specific industry terminology, knowing the best translation practices to perform, and deep-rooted knowledge of the cultural background in order to convey the message of the source language to the target language accurately.  

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2. A Translator Can Translate Text on Any Subject

The translation is a time-consuming procedure that necessitates a high level of expertise. Some individuals believe that a translator is capable of translating any form of text. Professional translations include legal, medical, and technical translations. Each of these fields has jargons and terms that require in-depth knowledge it takes skill and knowledge to produce a legal translation. To provide high-quality translation, a translator should be an expert in the relevant translation type.

Alsun provides high-quality Legal Translation in Dubai. We hire professional native translators to ensure the accuracy, speed, and quality of legal translations.

3. Translation by Machine is as Good as a Translation by HumanTranslation by machines

Machine translation is improving and becoming faster. Human translators can never be replaced. Even the smartest machine translation tool lacks it does not have the ability of logical reasoning. A professional translation requires in-depth knowledge of the subject matter and cultural context, as well as the ability to convey the tone or message. However,

machine translation can provide drafts that have to be reviewed by professional translators. You may use machine translation when you only need to get the general idea of a text. For instance, use it if you need to understand an email from a foreign client.

4-Translation and Interpretation are Identical

Translating and interpreting are two different processes. They require different knowledge and skills. The translation is a process of conveying the message from the source language to a target language in a written form, whereas the interpreting process is the transmission of verbal statements and speeches from one language to another in real-time. Translators require excellent reading and writing skills to provide written translation, while interpreters should have good listening skills and excellent command over public speaking.

5. Knowledge of Target Language Culture not Important 

Because culture is an inherent element of any language, the translator must be knowledgeable about the target tongue’s culture. To convey the concept perfectly, it is necessary to understand the history, cultural nuances, holidays,, and idioms.

6. A Translation Company Only Offer Translation ServicesTranslation Company

A very common myth on the translation industry is that a translation agency delivers only translation services. Well, that is not true, a language service provider can offer a variety of services such as interpretation, localization, copywriting, transcription, transcreation, SEO writing, and more.

Alsun Translation services in Dubai deliver the following services:

  • Certified Translation services 
  • Legal Translation Services in Dubai
  • Localization Services
  • Transcreation Services
  • Transcription
  • Interpretation

Feel free to get in touch with us; we are available around the clock.

7. Translation Can be Free

There are many online tools to translate short phrases and small texts.

Free and fast, these tools can be anyone. Yes, these tools are free, but you need a translator if you demand accurate translation of documents that require expenses.

Alsun Translation Services provide a translation that is:

  1. Accurate and professional. 
  2. On assigned date.
  3. At affordable prices. 

8. Business Doesn’t Need to Be Translated

Some people think that their business does not require translation services. In fact, almost every business requires translation. If have a business and you plan for expansion in new abroad markets, you will need to address your potential customers In their language. You will miss out on growth chances and potential sales if you do not hire a professional translator to translate your website and marketing materials into the language of your potential customer.

9. Translation is One Step ProcessProcess of translation

A professional and experienced translator can produce a high-quality and accurate translation. This seems to be a one-step process. Well, that’s actually another common misconception in the translation world. A Translation process consists of different stages to guarantee accuracy and high quality.  After the subject matter expert translator finishes the translation it is subject to review, proofreading, quality assurances processes. Only in this way can you have a high-quality, professional, and accurate translation.


The professional translation industry has so many misconceptions that many people still believe in. This article has debunked the most common ones to provide a clear picture of this industry. 

If you are looking for legal translation services in Dubai, it is recommended that you use human translation services. Alsun provides 100% human translation services in +50 languages. For more information on our legal translation services and prices, call us now! 

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