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How To Start A Web Development Company In Dubai

Web development requires a combination of technical skill and creativity in order to deliver a fully-functional and attractive website. A web developer needs to have web-development knowledge and have the creativity to make the websites appealing. Most web developers enjoy the creativity and freedom that they decide to start their own business. So, let’s see how one can start a web development company in Dubai, UAE.

How to Start a Web Developing Company

Step 1: plan out your business

For any potential entrepreneur, the first and foremost task is to plan out their business from scratch. There are several different factors that you will need to consider before you can hope to create the best web development company in Dubai.

  • What will you need to invest in opening a web development company?

The initial cost is the primary concern when setting up any business. For a web development company, the initial cost is usually minimal. The majority of this cost is invested in buying a good quality laptop, business phone, screen space, an excellent-quality text editor, and reference books for web design. The marketing costs can range between $2,000 and $5000 for the initial year but the cost largely depends on your mode of marketing

  • What will be the ongoing expenses?

For a web development company, the ongoing expenses are the utility bills for the offices, rent, office supplies, cloud storage, project management software, and time tracking software. The cost will amount to a small value.

  • What market do you plan to target?

Consider your target market thoroughly before you proceed. It is best to target clients looking for application deployment and extensive coding applications. Smaller projects require more overhead costs and a very low profit margin.

  • How much do you plan on charging for your services?

Beginners in the web development company usually have a rate of $25 to $100 for each hour for small projects. Web developers need to estimate and decide on the cost in advance. You can also opt for a flat fee arrangement based on previous projects undertaken by the developer.

  • How can you earn the maximum profit?

You can consider adding some additional services like storage and web hosting. You can also, alternatively, increase revenue by using an integrated CMS platform. Hosting, content management platform services, and storage services can be offered even when you are not providing development services to your clients.

Step 2: Make Your Business Legal

Step 3: Register for all legal state and federal taxes. For a web development company in Abu Dhabi, there are a range of taxes that you will need to register for beforehand.

Step 4: establish your bank account and credit card

Step 5: establish your business accounting. To do so, you must record your expenses and income sources to understand your financial position.

Step 6: get all the necessary license and permits

Step 7: establish your presence and brand recognition on the web using social media and search engines is a great way to market your services. Managing SEO Dubai has become a necessity for marketing any business in UAE because of the ever-increasing competition on search engines.

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