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How To Hire As A Graphic Designer in UAE

When it comes to hiring a graphic designer, how do you know if you have made the right choice? The job description of a graphic designer is wide and varied. In fact, this profession can be one of the most challenging roles in any company.

Somehow, every company needs some sort of graphic design expertise for their own marketing purposes. This means that while some companies may shy away from having a full-time staff member performing this function, others may require more than that. Furthermore, since jobs for graphic designers are hot property worldwide right now, competition will be tough too! Given these factors, it’s important to consider several things before hiring any candidate:

Job Requirements Of A Graphic Designer In Dubai


Being a graphic designer in Dubai means that you can work as a freelancer and earn money per project completed. Graphic designers make websites, logos, business cards, billboards and other types of merchandise look good. A graphic designer in UAE is responsible for the way the final product looks. The design should reflect what the company does or sells while also being attractive to customers.

For example, if a company that makes luxury cars only hires an unprofessional looking graphic designer then they will lose out on attracting potential customers. If a company hires a graphic designer that makes their logo look messy and unprofessional, then that will reflect badly on the business.

A graphic designer should be able to present an idea or concept in a way that is visually interesting to customers. When a person sees a professional-looking photograph of a luxury car they may feel more interested in buying a car from that company. This is why hiring graphic designers in UAE who have the skills to produce work that looks appealing to customers is important for companies.

Full-Time Vs. Part-Time Creative Designing Jobs In UAE

Full-Time Vs. Part-Time Creative Designing Jobs In UAE

A person in Dubai can be a full-time graphic designer or a part-time freelancer. Freelancers typically have more freedom when it comes to choosing projects and working hours. However, a person that is a full-time graphic designer will have more time and resources to improve their skills and to study the market in order to produce better designs.

Graphic designers in Dubai can work for companies or as freelancers. A company that hires a graphic designer may aim at improving the visual aspects of their business while also appealing to customers. Employers want final products that reflect the type of product they offer (e.g., automobiles versus luxury furniture).

What Is The Role Of A Graphic Designer?


The job of a graphic designer involves more than just making pretty images. The best graphic designers understand this and work with key stakeholders as well as printers, different media channels (print, digital), etc to make sure that business objectives are realized through these visual elements. This can be anything from logos and brands to business cards, posters, billboards, websites and even items like mugs or canvas prints.

The Responsibilities of a Graphic Designer will be different depending on the title that one is hired with. For example, some companies prefer to hire junior graphic designers who would work in close coordination with senior staff in order to complete projects successfully without any hassles.

However, a lot of companies prefer to hire graphic designers as employees with the responsibilities of overseeing their own projects and handling them from start to finish.

Job Description Of A Graphic Designer


The job description of a graphic designer can vary depending on the industry as well as company size. For example, a smaller company may not hire someone full-time so they would look for freelancers or consultants who can participate in multiple projects but also be able to work independently on some other things if need be. Larger firms will post their jobs online and seek referrals from within the industry too, especially since the career path is usually multi-disciplinary – one switch between digital design and print media is very common.

When it comes to benefits, many companies like to offer their employees additional perks like health insurance or a flexible work policy depending on the size of the company and other factors. The role of a graphic designer is so varied that one can never actually say what kind of benefits package should be included in any job description! However, some companies do tend to give certain allowances for designers who know particular software suites which require them to purchase licenses as opposed to renting them from the employer.

Business Branding in the United Arab Emirates

Business Branding In The United Arab Emirates

Graphic designers play a key role in making sure that branding guidelines are followed consistently across different media channels as well as products. This ensures consistency within a brand which makes all communication more effective. For example, take Coca Cola – their branding guidelines are so strong that even when any one of their competitors uses images of people partying with their product, there is no doubt in anyone’s mind as to whom the actual brand owner is.

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