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How to Create a Website for Business in Dubai

Starting a business can be a serious undertaking. There are several things to consider, from how to fund it, to finding customers and appointing workers. The modern world means there is no need for obvious things like factories or offices either – everything can happen online! In this article, we take a look at the best ways to create a website for your business in Dubai.

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What Do You Want From Your Site

What do you want from your website? If you’re an accountant then it won’t have the same goals as a florist. This might seem obvious but it’s worth defining what needs your site will serve so you don’t invest thousands of dollars in something that doesn’t hit the right notes with potential clients/customers.

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How to Build a Stunning Website For Your Business?

Logo of Different Platforms: WordPress, Wix, Weebly to Create Your WebsiteIf you’ve got money to blow then you can pick and choose from any service that will allow you to build a stunning site: whether this is WordPress, SquareSpace or even hiring a web developer or designer. If your budget is tight then there are some very good free options available too.

While these paid-for services offer more choice and flexibility, they do cost money – which you may not have if times are tough for your business. Thankfully the world of the Internet has enough options to suit most budgets/needs (including some extremely cheap hosting deals) so finding something suitable shouldn’t be too difficult.

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If it’s simply an online presence you want then go with Wix or Weebly. While they don’t have as many features as their premium counterparts, these sites are incredibly easy to set up and use. If you decide you want to move to another service at a later date, transferring your site is simple too!

If it’s more than just an online presence though (i.e. e-commerce) then you’ll need a different approach – one that includes a little bit of coding knowledge. There are lots of free-to-use services out there but the most established ones with the most functionality include WordPress (you can also subscribe to a hosting plan for around $10/year), Shopify, and Wix. These all offer something slightly different so don’t be afraid to try them all out for size as they’re all free!

How to Design a Website?

Website DesigningDesigning your website If money doesn’t matter then you can have your site designed from scratch. This is a long process though and you’ll need to factor in plenty of time for revisions, so it might be worth going down the ‘subscribe to a hosting plan’ route for this one!

If you’re going with a free service then there’s still plenty of choices available to customize the appearance of your site. There are hundreds of templates that you can use as the basis for your website. Again though (if you’re on a tight budget) then there are lots of good free options including Google’s own offering, Blogger and Weebly. These may lack inspiration but they do get the job done.

For those on a budget, but not willing to go with the ‘browser-based’ options available for free, there are some very cheap site builders out there. While none of them offer the same level of power as something like WordPress or Shopify, they do have their uses.

How to Publish Website?

Once you’re done it’s time to publish your website… If you’re using one of the free services then this is easy – simply input your domain name into your chosen service and away you go!

If you want to use a paid-for option then it gets a little more complicated though because you’ll need to purchase a domain name first.

If you are using a free service then this is usually included so there’s nothing more to worry about however it can take up to 24 hours for the changes to take effect.

If you’re purchasing your own domain name through one of these services then things are much easier because they take care of everything for you – all you have to do is point it at your site!

Once that’s done, sit back and wait patiently for the visitors to start flooding in… or not! Many people make mistakes when setting up their websites which means they don’t always show up properly on search engines. This means no one gets to see them which obviously isn’t ideal.

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We hope, this article has helped you with the basics of creating a website for your business. If you still have any questions or confusion in your head, feel free to reach out to us. We’ll be delighted to help you out.

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