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So now you know just enough to be dangerous. We have not went over the lower level stuff and I don�t think I need to. There are a ton of blogs out there that are putting out tons of information for brand new people to educate them. I feel that many of us need more of someone to give us a track to run on with a little motivation in order to accomplish it.

If you are finding this page first then you should really jump back in the Start Here category and go through the first 5 post.

Tackling Your Big Rock Piece Of Content

When you are first starting your website it is hard to look at blank pages. I know how hard that is. You want a ton of information on there as fast as you can get it. You have people waiting on it if you followed the last post on Building a Big List Fast and Early.

Remember that we broke down our writing into two categories:

Category one Dail is where we sit down daily or every other day and just write on a subject. This serves a few purposes.

  • We’re getting better at writing in the 10,000 hours we’re going to spend on it. Understand that one hour a day on your Daily will result in at least 300 hours a year. Then, if you spend 5 hours a week on your great content, then you are going to turn to an experienced writer long before someone, as a rule, reaches this mark in 10 years. You will become very fluent long before the expert, and this is really the level that you need to achieve.
  • We publish this content somewhere so that your customers, potential customers and friends have a lot to read and something that could fill your profiles on social networks. It can also help you practice adapting and reaching out to other blogs, etc.
  • You may be able to take pieces of this content and turn it into great rock content. Reassign these short messages to “best of” or wrap around one specific category.

Now lets spend the rest of this post talking about your big rock and our mega load pieces of content.
Big Content and Big SEO Quarterly

So if you havent noticed yet I call my daily writings getting my Daily on. I do the same thing for these mega pieces of content and call them Quarterly. They are like check ups and I know they are uber important and I treat them that way. The hardest thing about quarterlies is to realize that you are probably not going to write the content for the most part. If you are going to put 100 pages into an ebook or power page then you are da man and hats off. Reality for the others like me is that we will probably be able to plan the content and then do a number of things to get it such as outsourcing.

Lets set down at the desk and get started today. Big Content Big SEO Big Business
Quarterly Big SEO Content Checklist

  • Know who you are writing for. Person or Man, one way or another, you must have deep knowledge
  • Create a stream of information and crumbs tracks through which you are going to lead them. (Wireframe)
  • Create an index or list of table of contents that will help you and your team in what you put together.
  • Take each piece of content and create a “flyer” on it. (Deal Sheet just breaks the markers into content)
  • Explore other parts of the content (this can be done at the conclusion of the contract) and find the articles and publish that really break this particular piece of content.
  • Check the traces of the baby and make sure the general story is still in process.
  • Record each piece and create actual content for the book.
  • Add any subtitles to the table of contents
  • Design Images are worth 1000 words, so choose wisely and do a great job.
  • Check it out yourself, and then send it to friends you trust to check the appearance, content, and reading proofreading.

Now you should make edits and feel great that you have your first major piece of content. What to do with it?

Lets break down a few steps along the way here. I often publish a few of the chapters as demand generation for the book itself. I know others have turned the entire post into a major book that lives on the blog. I think there is a case for both so I would say that the best answer is yes. You need subscribers or SEO? Chicken or the egg right?

If you post this major piece of content as a giant blog post like Content Marketing by Neil Patel then you will find that you will rank for a ton of the keywords if you are amplifying that content. This is a great way to own that particular keyword. The ebook itself can do the same thing because the page it lives in will have the links to own the conversation as well.

Trust is key. You are building up trust by producing quality content that will allow your readers to begin to trust you more and more overtime. A large freemiu piece of content that lives on your website is a great way to do that. Ebooks that should have been charged for do this as well.

Now the easy parts are in front of you right? If you are using the ebook method they are for certain.
Big Content turned into Smaller SEO

Take Your Big Content and Post smaller slices of it into your blog. So your ebook lives on a resources page or something similar. Now you take some of the smaller pieces and post into your blog. You take those pieces as social media as well. These make your content work easier and easier especially if you are posting content from the book and getting your Daily on.

Make sure you have the book loaded with information and the email nurture campaign is set up for anyone that downloads it. This will become very important in the long run as you grow your list. Each page of your smaller pieces of content should be directing people to see more like this post in your fantastic ebook, the complete guide to desk. You get the point.

Now these smaller pieces of content are doing something else as well. They are actually out there as fingers targeting the keywords you are after with your content.
Outsource Your Content?

I cant make this decision for you but I can offer some advice. Do not put all your eggs in one basket. You should work with someone different and let them do exactly what they are good at doing for each stage of your ebook creation. Your team can not consist of writers on fiverr though as garbage prices get you garbage content.

Do not skimp on design and make sure you have budget for this built in ahead of time. Making the piece look pretty is half the battle. I have designed the colors and look of an ebook way before writing it simply for this reason. You will want to make sure that it looks good and then you can also have the template built that allows you to do the rest.

Templates? When you are looking at producing your first ebook what you can do is go over to fiverr and pay $20-30 bucks and have them build you a custom template match your website. Then this is where you can copy and paste everything into once you have it all completed.

Work on one piece at a time. If you have broken down your table of contents correctly then you are well ready to get research and gather the information needed on each segmen or chapter within your book. This can be pushed to a variety of different level writers to get information back. If you are going to be going through and doing the final edits.

Dont be afraid to over deliver. Less words is not a bad thing. When you can make an instruction manual then you will have an instructional manual. Unfortunately people throw instruction manuals away. Make sure you go into the project and write some strategic information as well that eases the prospect along to the next step in your process past the ebook.
Starting Your First Big Piece of Content Need it Today?

Taking a group of links that have quality content on a subject and then writing a summary of each link and what can be found is a great way to make an easy and fun piece of content to place as a freemium on your site. This is about the only larger piece of content that I can see you getting done in a week that you can bundle to attract more subscribers. This is a great way to have something while you are building.Guides are tough to come by especially the ones that are worth reading. Work at it and remember perfection is often the enemy of progress.

One major thing to remember is that your publicity is going to be as important as your content. Dont skimp on the amplification and the effort placed into this portion of the process. Amplification is often more important than content.Design and Amplification will normally score you a win. Almost regardless of content.

Realize that the positioning you place on the content to the reader and to your linkeratti, other blogs, writers, and everyone we talked about in the previous post on SEO and Content Match Made in Heaven then you are ready to send out the emails. The positioning is again uber important so make sure you dont hype but learn to market and plant seeds for them to come to the conclusion on their own. This creates ownership and trust.
Now you are starting to get the process down. Content Driven Business Process

If you are writing daily and getting better while making large pieces of content. These two hand in hand are driving SEO because of the amplification. You have an evergreen list of growing prospects and clients. You have to deliver the products but the demand generation and prospect portions of the business are totally process driven at this point. You are still a major piece of the process but we can fix that later.

Drop me a line if you are finding the information in this blog helpful. It means a lot to me. If you have any questions that would be great as well.

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