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Fix [pii_email_c742a940ba384394925d] Easily

Microsoft Outlook is rated amongst the best services for emails that are available. Like the others, people love using this because of its unique features. It can be used privately or professionally based on what you need it for.

While Outlook works fine for the most part, you may face several error codes when using Microsoft Outlook. The [pii_email_c742a940ba384394925d] is one of the many errors you can face. These may appear out of nowhere and occur anytime. It can get very annoying. The best part is, you don’t have to worry much because they can be fixed easily. We won’t keep you waiting if you’re here to know how to fix [pii_email_c742a940ba384394925d]. Let’s head into the details.

The Causes of [pii_email_c742a940ba384394925d] Errorcause of outlook error

Before heading to the solutions, you need to know what causes this error in the first place. When you know the causes, you can easily target the aim to find the solutions. While this error can be caused due to several reasons, the main reason is improper installation. Moreover, this error can also occur when several accounts are opened in a single-view application. Here are all the possible reasons for this error.

  1. You may be using Outlook with several accounts without emptying the cache and cookies.
  2. The error may appear because your device’s Microsoft Outlook software installation process faces a problem.
  3. The version of your Microsoft Outlook isn’t supported or compatible with the Windows Operating system of your device.
  4. The Microsoft Outlook files are either corrupted or removed from your device.
  5. You don’t have the latest Microsoft Outlook version.
  6. You may face this error code if your Outlook settings have been misconfigured.
  7. You could be using Outlook’s pirated version, leading to this error.
  8. The Microsoft Outlook account you’re using is corrupt.
  9. There could be a problem with your SMTP configuration.
  10. The error may be unidentifiable, so you may need to connect with Outlook’s support team for help.

How to Solve [pii_email_c742a940ba384394925d] Error Code Easily

There can be several reasons for getting this error on Outlook, as discussed above. Similar to the other pii email errors, the solutions are easy. Regardless of how complex the error seems, the solutions are rather simple. Here is a list of solutions for the [pii_email_c742a940ba384394925d] error code that has been proved to be effective.

1. Check Your Internet ConnectionInternet Connection

Your first instinct in resolving this error should be to check the internet connection. The [pii_email_c742a940ba384394925d] error code may be appearing because of a slow internet connection. You can test the speed of the internet connection using or With this, you can see whether the problem is actually the internet connection or not. If the internet connection is slow, you can try to reboot the router. If this doesn’t work with resolving this error code, check the next few solutions.

2. Clean the Cache and CookiesDelete the Cache and Cookies

If you don’t delete the file systems, cookies, or caches from Outlook, you may get the [pii_email_c742a940ba384394925d] error code. Having unwanted cache or cookies on your PC can be a common cause. To clear the desktop, follow the steps below.

  • Go to file on your Outlook for cleaning the caches and cookies.
  • After doing that, log out from your Microsoft Outlook account. If you have more than one account logged in, log out from them all.
  • Then restart the PC and log in to your Microsoft account. This should solve your problem.

4. Check the SMTP ConfigurationSMTP Configurations

If the error message seems like the [pii_email_c742a940ba384394925d], you could be facing a SMTP configuration. SMTP settings consist of the email address, log in and password, a TCP connection. Make sure that your SMTP service is properly working. Follow the steps below.

  1. In the Control Panel switch to “large category.
  1. In the control panel, click on the mail icon to activate your mailbox.
  2. Select the “mail” option and then go to “email accounts” from the opened drop-down menu. You will now see a pop-up box.
  3. Here, you can see all e-mail addresses. Clicking on most of the email accounts will open a new tab.
  4. You can often face this error because of having multiple accounts or usernames.
  5. Double click on the email account to get additional settings.
  6. [pii_email_c742a940ba384394925d]
  7. Then select an alternative setup.
  8. Here enter the current SMTP password and server name. Log into this system to verify your SMTP server. If you don’t need to, move to the next step.
  9. Then SMTP and IMAP port numbers will be seen under the advanced account page. This table has the STMP and IMAP numbers of server ports. If you’re unsure of the number, contact the server administrator for help, or use the one given for the trial run.
  10. Both SMTP and IMAP have 994 port numbers.

Check and update the SMTP settings and see if you still face the [pii email c742a940ba384394925d] error.

5. Use VPNsUse VPNs

If the methods above don’t work, it may be possible that your provider had restricted access to certain services. While Outlook isn’t usually restricted, you still can try to get over the limits. Here is a list of some of the best VPN services you can use.

If you still experience issues with Outlook clients while using a VPN, try the other solutions.


6. Sign Out from Multiple AccountsSign Out from Multiple Accounts

Sometimes, when too many tabs are opened, and multiple accounts are accessed together, you may face the [pii email c742a940ba384394925d] error code. So, to resolve the issue, you can try signing out of all the active Microsoft Outlook accounts. This could help resolve the issue.

7. Uninstall and Reinstall Microsoft OutlookUninstall and Reinstall

If you get the [pii email c742a940ba384394925d] error while using Outlook, it may be possible that you’re using a pirated or unauthorized version of Microsoft Outlook. If you think this could be the issue, try uninstalling Microsoft Outlook and reinstalling it again to see if the issue is resolved.

8. Update Your Microsoft OutlookUpdate Your Microsoft Outlook

Sometimes this error can also be caused because of having an outdated Outlook version. In this case, you’d need to update your Microsoft Outlook version. First, see if your PC supports the Outlook version. If it is supported, update this and remove the old one.

9. Change the Device You’re UsingChange the Device

If you’re facing the error code [pii email c742a940ba384394925d] on a device, try changing the device. If you use it on another PC or phone, it may just work. Switching devices can sometimes offer a solution to this error code.

10. Use Outlook in the Default Browseroutlook in browser

No one likes the [pii email c742a940ba384394925d] error, and while the above solutions work, you can try using the Outlook edition on your PC. you can launch Outlook on any web browser. Go to and log in with your password and email. You can log into your Outlook account on a default browser if this error code appears.

11. Use an Auto Repair ToolMicrosoft Auto-Repair

If you’re learning about repairing the [pii email c742a940ba384394925d] error, you can solve it easily using an auto repair tool. Such a tool can help with the automatic correction of the error. To use an auto repair tool, follow the steps below.

  • Go to Control Panel on your device. Then go to the tool’s function setup and check software,
  • Now open the office 365 app and choose the Microsoft app to solve errors.
  • Then at the start of the app change the button. Then select the fixing type your device needs.
  • Now click on the fix option and then follow the instructions that are displayed on the screen. The fixing tool has an online version that can be used conveniently.
  • Once the fixing is complete, restart your Microsoft outlook. If the issue still isn’t resolved, it’s best to visit a technician for help.

12. Contact the Microsoft’s Support TeamMicrosoft Customer Support

If you have tried all the methods above and failed, your last resort will be contacting the Microsoft support team for help. The team is always available for its customers, so feel free to contact them and ask them for support. They will help you find the best solution to solve the [pii email c742a940ba384394925d] error.


Seeing the error code [pii email c742a940ba384394925d] can be very annoying especially when you’re doing some important work and Microsoft Outlook just stops working. You would want to get rid of the issue as soon as possible to get your work done. To resolve the [pii email c742a940ba384394925d] error, we have given you several solutions and discussed them in detail above and you can find more solutions here. We hope that one, if not more, of the methods given above, have helped you in solving this error. If you have tried all the methods that we have enlisted, and the issue still isn’t resolved, you can always contact the Microsoft Outlook team to help you out with the issue. They are always available for their customers. They will guide you regarding the best way to get rid of the [pii email c742a940ba384394925d] error.

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