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Find Best Co-Working Space in Dubai

Finding the best co-working space in Dubai? You might have just moved to Dubai or already live in Dubai and are looking for a  coworking space where you can work. Or perhaps, your company is expanding its business footprint in the Middle East. Whatever may be the reason, finding a perfect office space is always an arduous task! The rise of telecommuting has led to numerous remote workers and entrepreneurs looking for a conducive work environment. Dubai, meanwhile, continues to attract big businesses and startups at a healthy pace providing them with the flexibility of choosing from an array of coworking spaces which have now become the norm rather than the exception.

Best Co-Working Space Dubai

We bring to you the best coworking spaces in Dubai, handpicked by our expert team. You can choose any of these depending upon your requirement and budget.

1. Creative Spaces

Creative Co-Working Space in Dubai

Creative Space is a platform that provides you access to flexible workspaces across the globe, where all you have to do is pay by the minute! The company basically caters to remote teams looking for real desk spaces with office facilities.

2. Bayut Workplaces

Bayut Co-Workspace in DubaiBayut Workplaces is the “Landlord of Dubai’s shared business spaces”. They have their presence in JLT, Meadows, Dubai Marina, and. The Greens. Various plans are available for startups to choose from with flexible timings. Dhs 1,000 per month gets you to access all Bayut shared offices.

3. Regus Co-Working Space in Dubai

Regus Co-Working Space in Dubai

Regus has a presence in eleven countries across the globe and is one of the largest networks of flexible workspaces. You can choose between serviced offices, coworking desks, or meeting rooms depending upon your need.

4. Nest WorkPlace in Dubai

Nest Co-Working Space in DubaiNest is another coworking space in JLT. Their amenities include a lounge area, free coffee, free parking, and a meeting room facility. Dhs 1400 per month gets you to access all of the above.

5. Nook

Nook Co-Working Space in Dubai

Nook is located in JLT. It is established by Ravi Bhusari and Derv Rao for sports, fitness, and wellness entrepreneurs to run their businesses. Its per day cost is Dhs60.

Benefits of Using a Co-Working Space in UAE

As a startup or an entrepreneur, it becomes hard to motivate yourself when you are working alone at home. There are some specific benefits of using co-working spaces in the UAE which can help you stay motivated and accomplish your dreams.

1. Collaborate with Like-Minded People

Working at home all by yourself will deprive you of the opportunity to work with like-minded people. You may lose sight of what is achievable if you have no one to share your goals with or someone who can give guidance about the right direction to follow. Co-working spaces allow you to collaborate with others on projects, get inspired by new ideas, and avail support whenever required!

2. Take Breaks When Needed

When working from home, it is easy to get distracted by other domestic chores, laundry, and so on. At a coworking space, you take breaks when needed and rejoin the work in progress afterward. This helps in getting rid of fatigue and tiredness that may occur due to long working hours.

3. Save Money

Working from home is a luxury only a few can afford because of the cost involved in setting up an office. Co-working spaces offer the same professional amenities at much lower costs which allows you to save money for your business! You can use these savings for all those tasks which require funds such as marketing campaigns etc.

4. Networking Opportunities

Most co-working spaces also have meetings where entrepreneurs can meet potential clients, investors, or mentors. You can not only grow your network but also find new clients for yourself with the help of these networking opportunities.

5. Get Inspired

Co-working spaces are by far one of the best places to work from because they offer you more than just an office space. You get to mingle with some very inspiring people who have embarked on their entrepreneurial journeys and achieved success. These people can inspire you to put in your best efforts and strive towards achieving success, just like them!

6. Enjoy Flexibility

The most important benefit of using a co-working space is the flexibility that it offers. If you are thinking about starting up on your own, then look no further than Dubai as this city provides.

We hope that these co-working space environments would be much helpful for you to develop your business much more efficiently.


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