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How to Enter Ecommerce Dubai Market?

Ecommerce marketing is getting much popularity all over the world day by day due to pandemic situations. There are many reasons behind its popularity accessibility of internet and wide use of smartphones.

Ease of Shopping

Ecommerce has made the shopping of clothes, shoes, furniture and multiple good easy and reliable. E- Marketing not only made the shopping easy but is also become a source of saving the individual time. In this era of technology no one has enough time to spend for shopping and buying goods as life has become remote and people prefer more time in work than all such things. It is also profitable source of earning for everyone.

Sell Online: Make Profits in Dubai

Any business holder can make its e-commerce online store and start selling its products through different ways. But there are certain countries that don’t allow the random persons to launch e-commerce stores starts selling including Dubai. There are a lot of Ecommerce websites in Dubai for vendors and businessmen but there are some rules and regulations to enter in the Ecommerce market of Dubai. About 60% online buyers are present in Dubai.

 Ecommerce in UAE

 Ecommerce Dubai:

The Government of Dubai is offering a lot of program for promoting the online business in Dubai. Ecommerce in Dubai is not as easy as in other countries. For entering the Ecommerce market in Dubai one need to have a proper license from the Dubai government and then he can open his online store.

The cost of the license is about $50 to $ 400 from small to large business.

How to enter ecommerce Dubai market?

The licensed is launches with the aim of solidifying the city as global logistic hub and increase the share to AED 12 billion by 2023. Their strategy has grabbed the attention of other investors from all over the world. The issuance of the license has lowered the rate of fake businessmen. You can get the online business license for ecommerce market of Dubai as follows;

  • First of all decide the type of license according to your business and online earning activity
  • The structure of the business should be legal
  • After that, choose the location of your business such as free zone, mainland or other. Choose the one that has more advantages
  • Now register the trade name, you can also select the name of your domain
  • Now apply for license and legal approval certificate
  • Draft a local service agent agreement and register it in the physical office of Dubai


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