Does Looping YouTube Videos Increase Views


YouTube provides a way for people to share and view videos online. The videos on YouTube range from all kinds of genres. This means it has content for all kinds of people which is the reason why it is so popular amongst people. YouTube started in 2005 however was acquired by Google a year after and since then has been a platform for entertaining as well as sharing knowledge with millions.

How does YouTube Work?

On YouTube, a user or commonly known as a YouTuber creates their channel to upload videos. A person can subscribe to that channel and become a subscriber.

Subscribers help promote the channel as more subscribers indicate a channel uploading great content as well as it is suggested by the YouTube algorithms a lot more because the number of subscribers determines a channel’s worth.

A viewer can also like these videos as it gives the impression that the video is good and is viewed more and more by users. Having a large number of subscribers, likes, as well as YouTube views, many marketing companies approach these channels for the promotion of different brands hence benefiting the YouTuber.

A YouTuber also can get monetized and paid by YouTube itself if they exceed 10,000 views on YouTube, hence YouTube views hold a lot of importance due to which a lot of people opt for buying YouTube views.

What is the YouTube Loop Feature?

YouTube Loop Feature

YouTube always trying to better itself for its users, has a loop feature that automatically lets you loop videos. The video will automatically replay as soon as it ends. It is very helpful if you are putting on a video for a child, it will keep playing without you having to replay it again and again, or when listening to a favorite song looping would be a great option to consider.

Does Looping Increase Views?

While the looping feature is brilliant for someone watching your video it, unfortunately, does not work the same way for the person uploading the video as well. Watching a video multiple times from the same PC would not result in a large number of views as YouTube can detect IPs and does not consider multiple views coming from the same one. If a large number of views come from the same IP address YouTube does subtract some views from that video.

This practice was implemented by YouTube when users had started to create multiple webpages to increase their view count.

However, this is not the case for songs. Many songs listened to by the same IP address from the start to end repeatedly, are counted as more and more views due to the sophisticated YouTube algorithm being able to detect viral videos and spam. In the case of the latter, it will deduct some views.

Due to this a person looking for more popularity and view counts on other videos often buy YouTube views cheap. It is the easiest shortcut to increase YouTube views and get monetized as soon as possible so that they can start earning from YouTube.

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