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Ecommerce Website Development & Its Benefits in UAE

A business can increase its turnover and improve its financial situation with the use of an online store. With a website, businesses can reach a much larger audience than they would through traditional means. Not only that but e-commerce websites are also more cost-efficient as there is no need for employees to man the business premises or any costs associated with keeping it running.

The e-commerce market technology has grown exponentially in recent years and almost half of all internet users shop online regularly. This figure continues to rise year on year which makes having an e-commerce website even more important. More than 50% of British adults have made purchases via mobile phone or tablet according to an Ofcom report published in April 2016, so creating e-commerce websites that work across different devices is a must for any business.

A well-designed e-commerce website can increase a company’s turnover, as well as provide a way to reach new customers. Online shops make it easier for people who wouldn’t normally shop in your store due to location or opening hours, to purchase from you. This gives businesses the potential to exponentially increase their customer base, and this increased traffic will naturally lead to greater sales. In fact, according to research by IMRG and Capgemini, every £1 spent on an e-commerce website returns an average of £4 in revenue.

How To Develop An Ecommerce Website?


There are many e-commerce website development services available that will take care of the technicalities for you, but if you already have a web developer or design agency in place they can certainly help to build your site. There are some key features that you need to be aware of when it comes to creating an online store though.

Firstly you need to be aware that a website can only be considered an online store if people are actually able to purchase products on it. If potential customers have a good experience while browsing and add items to their basket but can’t check out, this will affect your conversion rate leaving you losing money. Therefore the checkout process needs to run smoothly so there is no opportunity for confusion or delay on the part of the customer. Triple confirmations can be used, where they have to click separate boxes which state that they understand certain conditions before confirming their order. This makes sure that everyone knows exactly what they’re signing up for, and reduces instances of abandoned carts due to nervousness about making a mistake when ordering online.

Secondly, you should make sure that your website is easy to navigate. This includes having a simple and straightforward menu structure, as well as a search function which returns relevant results. If a person finds your online store or website hard to use they will leave or go elsewhere instead, meaning that they won’t make a purchase from you. It’s therefore important to spend enough time on the design of your e-commerce website so that visitors can easily find what they’re looking for without feeling confused or disorientated by an overcomplicated layout.

The number one most important factor is making sure customers know exactly what they’re going to get if they purchase from you, and can trust that it will be delivered in good time and without incident. Visuals are key here as potential buyers want to see what they’re buying, that it’s in stock and available for them to order. Make sure your images are clear and the products shown are lifelike so customers can feel confident about making a purchase.

You should also make sure that you have customer reviews on your website so potential buyers can see what others think of your company. This gives people who are uncertain about whether to buy from you or not more information which will be useful when they come to deciding where to spend their money. It is particularly important if you specialise in selling fashion items online, as many people want to know how well certain clothing fits before deciding whether or not they’d like it in real life. 

Is Ecommerce a profitable approach for business in the Middle East?

Is Ecommerce a Profitable Approach For Business In Middle East?

a profitable approach for business in the Middle East?

Yes, if you know how to develop your e-commerce website and also have a proper strategy to increase sales through it. There are different techniques that can be used for this purpose, such as SEO and SMO.

Ecommerce Application development has been growing rapidly since 2015 due to the increased adoption of smartphones and tablets by consumers. In the Middle East countries, where people are tech-savvy and the cost of living is very high, the adoption rate of smartphones and tablets has been very good so far.

Cost of Ecommerce Developer In Dubai

Cost of Ecommerce Developer in Dubai

The cost of an Ecommerce Website in Dubai is approximately $3,000 to $5,000. While it is expensive for a normal person but anyone can hire some freelance developers on an hourly basis and outsource the Ecommerce Application Development work at a much lower cost.

There are many website builders and CMS available in the market which you can use for free too. But we advise you to avoid them, as they are just wastes of time and money. You will have to update your website on regular basis, the CMS or website builder provided by them are usually outdated.

Ecommerce Website Development UAE is considered one of the profitable business activities in the Middle East region. The main reason for this is because more people are using their computers, laptop and Smartphones for online shopping.

E-commerce has created a new way of marketing products especially with the use of websites that offer e-commerce business solutions. E-Commerce helps to boost sales which can increase profits or turnover for your company website.

Advertising For Ecommerce Business In UAE

Advertising for Ecommerce Business in UAE

Many companies are turning away from traditional methods of advertising such as newspapers, billboards and television adverts in favour of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Businesses can take advantage of the vast audiences these sites provide for very little cost. Businesses should always ensure they have a professional social media presence when creating e-commerce websites, allowing them to communicate with customers and potential customers in an informal way that lets them see your business in their feed.

Not only that but companies are also expected to capitalise on the growing trend towards mobile shopping, by providing high-quality responsive mobile e-commerce websites which work across all devices including smartphones and tablets. 

According to research released by Google in 2015, 51% of British consumers search online using their mobile devices every week, so this will become more important over time as customer demands evolve. As well as this, 3 out of 5 companies state their investment in mobile e-commerce websites to be a success, so it’s clear that businesses need to adapt as the market evolves.

Online Shopping: WorldWide Perspective

Online Shopping: WorldWide Perspective

One of the biggest advantages of online shopping is that retailers can use web analytics to track customers as they browse your site and see where visitors are clicking from, allowing them to then target those customers with more relevant advertising through social media or email marketing. This can help you reach out and strike up a conversation with prospective clients who would otherwise not have been aware of your company, and it costs almost nothing to do so.

Numerous studies have shown how many people find e-retail sites easier than physical stores, which suggests e-commerce websites could even take business away from traditional retailers if they don’t adapt accordingly. In fact, many customers will actively choose a business with an online presence over one that does not have one at all.

SEO & E-commerce In Middle East

Search engine optimisation is another important consideration for e-commerce websites as it helps companies to rank higher on search results pages which can lead to increased traffic and thus improve customer conversion. Google’s algorithm takes into account the number of links a website has pointing back to it from other sites as a primary factor in how well it ranks, so creating links from other relevant sites is another good way to increase your organic searchability.

In addition, social media marketing through forums such as Reddit and Stumbleupon can help attract more visitors as people tend to trust opinions shared on social media sites over advertising claims. This increased visibility can also lead to increased conversions by virtue of just being present in front of potential customers.

According to research, the average British consumer shops online for leisure around six days out of seven which is an amazing opportunity for businesses looking to increase their customer base. Although it may be intimidating to get started with e-commerce websites, this form of marketing can be extremely cost-effective and profitable so you would be foolish not to give it a go!

Top 5 Online Shopping Websites In UAE

In the UAE, there are various top e-commerce websites that people can choose from depending on their needs. Among the top 5 online shopping websites in the UAE are Starhub Solution, Souq, Tecom Ecommerece Solutions, Aeromere and many more. Out of these 5 top online shopping companies in UAE, we can name Souq as it provides amazing features and functionalities while offering products across different categories such as household goods and appliances to clothes for men and women and electronics accessories.


The Role of Wheel Bearing in the Tires

Wheel bearings are an important tool to be used for the durability and efficiency of your vehicle. It’s a new discovery under the name of wheel bearing but its application is used from ancient times. The wheel bearings minimize the resistance and provide support to your vehicle. so that you may not face any damage.

Working Principle of the Wheel Bearing

The working principle of the wheel bearing is very simple. It mainly states that things roll better than they slide. Sliding helps in maximizing the friction between the road and wheel.

If the tires of your vehicles keep on rolling, the friction between them will be reduced at a greater rate. The reduced friction will not stop the vehicle and the tires will keep on rolling. This will not help in the rapid stop of your vehicle. It can be dangerous sometimes as it can cause severe damage and loss of balance by your car or vehicle. The vehicle you use must have proper bearing to ensure the proper support and balance. The sliding wheel will stop the car as soon as possible. It will cause a resistive force among the tire and the road called friction. This friction helps in stopping the vehicle at the time.

Structure of the Wheel Bearing

The wheel bearing is made of high-quality steel with inner and outer steel rings that are heat treated. It has grooves where the roller balls rest. The surface is made of considerable hard material to make sure it’s slow wearing with the passage of time.

Deterioration of the Wheel Bearing

The wheel bearing starts to wear with the passage of time because of multiple reasons. Purchasing a wheel with a good and efficient wheel bearing is a hard choice these days. You can order tire online UAE. You can have a better driving experience and full protection of your vehicle with wheel bearing having reasonable prices at continental tires price.

So, here we will discuss the reasons for the wearing of the wheel bearings.

Rusting of Wheel Bearing with the Water

Continuous contact with the water can cause the wheel bearings to get rusted. Because of its steel material, it will have rust more or less. Keep your vehicle clean and dry every time you wash it.

Damaged Grease Seal due to Leakage

The leakage of the wheel bearing is the next step to its deterioration and flaws that may reduce the capabilities of your vehicle. Regular checking of your vehicles is very necessary for their proper maintenance.

Noise Production from the Wheel

The wearing of the wheel bearing can be detected very easily by its noise production. The wheel bearing will start producing noise when it is about to deteriorate. You can easily diagnose that your bearing needs proper care. But diagnosing which of your wheels is making noise may be hard and the initial sounds are very low sometimes. The easiest way is timely inspections.

You must inspect your wheels timely. You must detach the wheel and roll it on the ground and listen to it carefully. If it is making any noise, you must hurry to repair it. 


How To Get A Reverse Camera For Your Brake Light?

There are various types of Brake light cameras that play an important role in the back of a car or vehicle. All products and models have the same procedure to get and install them. Before making any final decision you go to the auto workshop to discuss which type of cameras would be the best as with the passage of time the advancement in technology comes and requirements may also change.

How much can a Reverse Camera Cost for your Vehicle?

Although different companies have different aspects and price ranges for reversing cameras. But on average, the rates vary from $51 to $150 depending on camera model, features. Place of installation and equipment which are being used in the whole setup.

Normally, vehicle owners prefer wireless cameras but a camera with wire has better image quality than wireless. The wire cameras have better performance, high-speed capturing of the image and there is no distortion in quality.

How to Install Brake Light Backup Camera to see What is Happening Behind Vehicle?

How To Get A Reverse Camera For Your Brake Light

Decide the Best Option for Reverse Cameras

Getting the best backup camera is the most vital part where you have multiple choices to buy the cameras with the best performance. You can also consider many things including location of installation, image quality, and of course budget.

Battery Setup

First of all, remove the battery connection of the vehicle because the camera will work as a wire connecting with the battery. This step needs special precautions because you are going to disconnect the negative terminal.

The normal recommendation for installing a battery socket is 8-10mm. Make sure that both terminals of the battery are separated and located far away.

Install Monitor

Vehicles have several locations where monitors can be installed. This depends on camera location, and every vehicle has different angles and aspects for a better place. The best places are sun visors or vehicle dashboards.

Select a suitable location for monitor implementation.

Installation of Camera using Drill

Take the measurement of all angles and aspects for perfect camera installation. Now, your camera is ready to capture behind moments. If you are using a wireless camera, you don’t need a wire to connect it with the battery. For wire cameras, you need some battery connections for their work.

The next step is to install the camera with a wired connection If you are using it with wire. Make the attachment of rewiring to the reverse power side of the vehicle. Affix both the wire strongly and make sure the correct binding is to avoid any misplacement.

Now, all is set and the camera is ready to capture high-quality images from your reverse light.

Reconnection of Battery

As you know we have disconnected the battery terminal at the first step. It’s the last step to make a connection again to make the camera working. Affix the negative terminal of the battery and start the camera to see what is happening behind your vehicle.

Due to monitor installation when you switch on the camera, it starts working. After proper working, you can also calculate the image quality and make sure that everything is clear. Drive the vehicle in reverse mode to see the final results.


How to Start a Website Business on Instagram in UAE

Social media is a hub for any business development. It is used worldwide in every country. People are spending hours looking for products to purchase. They are looking for discounts and promotions which are best on Instagram.

Small businesses are seeking clients to grow their business. It has always been easy for big brands to get recognized but not every business has the capacity to engage in paid promotional campaigns. Instagram has good news for you. It has a variety of ways to offer to grow your business and all for free. You just need to understand the strategies.

How To Create A Website For Company In Dubai?

Upgrade Your Bio to Represent Your Brand in Dubai

Upgrade Your Bio to Represent Your Brand in Dubai

To start a business, your priority should be changing your Instagram handle and converting it to your business user name. Describe your business in bio, give a link to your website. You can also mention your location. To visually get your business recognized change your profile picture. Al these changes are required to get recognized not by your name but by your brand’s name and to promote your business in the search field. If you will accurately use your business name it will be easy for people to search. Notify your followers by messaging them.

How To Start A Web Development Company In Dubai

Interact With Clients

Interact with clients through DM

The best way to interact on social media is through a direct message. DM’s are more reliable and are not publically seen which is a positive point for both parties. Issues are resolved and no trouble making scene is involved. This is the smartest way because your company doesn’t get a bad review plus the customer is satisfied if you are giving solutions on a positive basis.

Get Visible to Other Audience in UAE

Use Instagram Hashtags to Get Visible to Other Audience in UAE

Your followers will give you likes on your posts and videos you have shared and here are the top 5 websites to buy real Instagram followers. But you are starting a new business; you need more than that to get the best out of it. Hashtags are the best way to gather Instagram followers other than yours. By using a hashtag you gather hundreds of posts in a single tweet. Many popular hashtags like #blackfriday or #metoo. All Instagram users are familiar with these famous hashtags. You can create hashtags to promote your business. If you are attending any event or seminar that is relevant to your business, straight away hashtag it. You will get recognized globally.

Give Attractive Offers

instagram discounts and promotions

You must have seen people going crazy over discounts. Give posts about discounts and promotions. Don’t be direct with the offer to keep them in suspense that will maintain the curiosity. Keep on updating them with the dates. Offer them the more you share the higher will be the chances to get the offer. Your business will get recognized as well through this strategy.

Get Involved with the Right People

You also need to get advertised. Get to know what people can grow your advertisement. Like journalists are great to target. Make them on the list of people and get involved with them. Instagram list function lets you create a group of influencers or journalists that helps you in your cause.


IELTS Training in Dubai & Future Prospects

What Exactly is IELTS?

With over 3.5 million tests completed in the previous year, IELTS is the world’s most renowned English language competency examination for higher education and worldwide mobility. Over 10,000 institutions, including universities, professional organizations, businesses, and migration agencies, trust the IELTS exam. A nine-band scale is used to assess your degree of skill, ranging from completely non (band score 0) to expert (band score 9).

IELTS Test Varieties

Rolla Academy Dubai provides you with a choice of two IELTS examinations to best match your demands. 

Academic IELTS Test

The IELTS Academic Test assesses the English language ability required for an academic, higher learning setting. If you want to apply for further learning and professional licensing in an English-speaking nation, IELTS Intellectuals is the test for you.

IELTS General Training

IELTS General is the only English examination that is recognized for passport applications and migratory reasons by all of the major immigration agencies in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. If you want to go to an English-speaking country, the IELTS General Test is the best option.

Who Should Take the IELTS Exam?

  • Individuals who desire to get the needed IELTS band score.
  • Individuals seeking to relocate to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or the United Kingdom.
  • For higher education overseas, students must take the IELTS.
  • The instructor who wishes to take the IELTS examination in order to be registered with the Ministry of Education (MOE) and the KHDA.

Why Should You Take IELTS at Rolla Academy Dubai?

Getting the desired band in IELTS is not always straightforward; you will want suggestions and suggestions as well as adequate coaching from IELTS professionals. Our team of committed trainers and IELTS specialists at Rolla Academy Dubai will assist you in achieving your needed band score in all four areas of Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking.

Rolla Academy – one of the best training center in Dubai,  is dedicated to achieving the desired outcomes by bringing together a great mixture of seasoned educationists and a new generation of dynamic trainers on its staff. We are delighted to be at your disposal and to continue to expand as a result of many students who consistently refer to our training facility as one of the finest training centers in Dubai.


Why Social Media is Beneficial for Your Business

One of the biggest mistakes a small business can make is to think that social media is for teenagers and every other bakery with cupcakes and pink tassels. Many companies lose interest when it doesn’t bring them viral marketing success overnight, but these days everyone and their mothers are using some sort of social platform, and the point is if you’re not there, you’re losing out on business. Here are some reasons why you need to start getting sociable.

Engagement with your customers

Social media is basically a plethora of small conversations around your brand. People are finding so many more ways to make social media a part of their everyday lives, and if you want to get in on the action, you have to be present where they’re spending their time. Without a strong presence, you’ll not only appear un-tech savvy, but you’re leaving a gap for your competitors to swoop in and steal this golden opportunity to get involved.

Brand recognition
Marketing for dummies has already taught us that you need to be where your clients are. Social Media networks enable your company to reach millions of potential customers in places where they are already spending their time. Naturally, they will start to notice your brand the more they are exposed to it. If you are honest and transparent about your motives and you offer content of value, users will start trusting your brand.

Increase your real estate on major search engines

As we all know, Google Social Search went live in 2009. This means that from then on, Social Media had an influence on what is displayed on the search result pages. If you were looking for a cool new Italian restaurant in Cape Town, for example, you’d start looking online, wouldn’t you? Google is likely to now reveal the social media pages of area restaurants, such as Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, or Twitter. Creating social profiles that are rich in keywords and have high-quality content can help generate traffic to your social media pages and also your website.

Everybody is involved and taking part.
Nowadays, even the older generations are actively integrating social media into their daily lives. For instance, Nicole is looking for a new job as a Marketing Manager and has tweaked her profile on LinkedIn. Mary Ann has started a new Wedding Coordination company and showcases her reception layout on Pinterest and post-wedding videos on TikTok. Even Dad organized a weekend at Sunset Safari because he claimed a special deal on Facebook Offers.

Keep in mind that only sharing your photos and videos on a social platform is not enough; you must have a bunch of followers to make your posts viral. Today, TikTok is the leading platform on the social media landscape. If you participate in TikTok challenges, you should have more followers to get more eyes on your content. If you are new to the platform and want to make your videos popular in no time, buy TikTok followers is the safest bet.

Monitor your brand
By being a part of the online conversations around your brand and actively engaging with these users, you have the opportunity to lead the conversation and what is being said. Facebook allows you to post events and share the occasion with peers. With offline media, you can easily lose an invitation or flyer and forget about the event. By creating an online event, you can digitally track the RSVPs, share the event virally and create a big “ado” about your soiree.


Car Selling in Dubai Fast!

Selling a car in UAE can often be a cumbersome and daunting task for most people. But it does not always have to be this daunting, because with the right guidance you can sell any car with ease. Whether you are moving to your home country, or wanting to buy a new car, you may have to sell your current car. When it comes to car selling, the cash for car is not just for the car cost, but also includes the maintenance cost of the vehicle. To sell car in Dubai, some things need to be done like having all the related paperwork, present, you must ensure the decency of your car’s condition. The condition of the car must be checked including the interior and the exterior details.

Finally, you must ensure that the car you want to sell is attractive enough for the buyer as it was once for you. Ensure that your car is designed in the best interest of the seller and maintain honesty about the car’s condition when showing it to the buyer.

Searching for a Dubai Car Buyer

Car Selling in Dubai fast!

To get quick cash car, you need to search for ways to find a buyer who is willing to buy your car. While there are several alternative to dubizzle when it comes to selling cars in Dubai, you can get private car selling options or get in touch with car buyers in Dubai who buy your car in any condition. Like, you can find other companies that buy your car regardless of the car brand. These professional companies have a safe and transparent sales process and ensure your satisfaction for selling your car for the best price.

Setting an Agreement

Once you have found a neat way to sell my car and have found someone who wants to buy your car, the next step is to set an agreement with the buyer about the price. In terms of pricing, 80% or above of the original price demand is a good way to go. Allow the buyer to take your car for a drive but go with them. Anything between ten to fifteen minutes should be enough for test drives. Once your agreement is done, now it’s time to hand it over.

Car Selling in Dubai fast!

Handing Over Official Stuff

Once done with the agreement, inspection, and test drive, it is time to hand over the car to the buyer with all the official documentation according to the instructions and rules set by the government of the state. The details of the documents required, and further details can be found on the internet.

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