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With the sole aim of solving the long-lived issue of connecting different homeowners to high-quality professionals, dontsearch.com came into existence. We had taken a start as a home services marketplace to deliver requests all over the country to pros who make part of the home improvement market of $500. (Yes! That’s the real number).

Ever since that time, Don’t search has developed to make the home a simpler place by giving the companies services and software. Don’t search aims to partner up with the service companies to bring improvement together. Don’t search is used by almost 150 000+ small and large businesses alike, including home inspectors, moving companies, real estate professionals, and large utility companies, for improving operations, growing businesses, and improving customer satisfaction and experience. By these companies, Don’t search is getting introduced to these customers with the aim of helping them progress and make the process of home maintenance more accessible and simpler.

The Journey So Far

2017 – Don’t Search Is Born

With a recent move and plans to build his family homemade, Hady Toby realizes how stressful and exhausting it is to set up your home. To help other homeowners like him, he built Don’t Search from the ground up. This business venture aimed to make setting up a house a worry-free process, letting you enjoy the process without the stress.

2018 -Don’t Search Opens For Business

Don’t Search officially launched into the market as a home renovation services provider, connecting 1.5 million professional contractors to homeowners with renovation projects. Homeowners can find reliable contractors for various home-related projects; knowing a trustworthy business name vets them out.

2019 – Vertical Software Platform

Don’t Search quietly transitioned to vertical market software and began providing homeowners and home contractor companies with CRM solutions to ease the home building process. Don’t Search launched a variety of services and products to streamline the moving and home renovation process by providing homeowners with a list of dependable contractors, including general contractors as well as those providing niche services.

2020 –   Building An Online Database for Key Services

Don’t Search slowly but steadily added to its database of moving and home renovation services in Dubai. The well-organized list included categories for general contractors as well as specialist contractors who provided services like wallpaper installation, roofing, painting, plumbing, tile setting, demolition, and plastering.

2021 – Addition of CRM tools

Addition of CRM tools

Don’t Search added CRM tools for companies and expanded complete service capabilities to moving as well.

Don’t Search has continued to expand its online computing platform for companies by introducing additional software modules. The hard work behind these efforts has paid off, and our customer base has seen a swift incline.

2022 – New HQ

Don’t Search continues to expand, recently moving into its current headquarters in UAE.

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