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Best QR Code Generators

The first step in implementing a winning QR code strategy is to find the correct QR code generator. But with so many solutions available, finding the best QR code platform can be challenging.

If you’re searching for the perfect QR code platform, look no further. Here are the five best QR code generators in the market right now.

1. QRCodeChimp (Recommended)


QRCodeChimp is a QR code generator and management platform. It offers 35+ QR code solutions and types for various business use cases, such as QR Code Business Card, PDF QR codes, Meeting QR codes, etc.

QRCodeChimp offers 60+ QR code shapes, a feature available in no other QR code solution. Additional customization features include logos, stickers with CTAs, pre-designed QR codes, and colors. QRCodeChimp also comprises robust QR code management features, including folder sharing and management, subaccounts, bulk uploading, white labeling, etc.

Key Features:

  • 60+ QR code shapes and other customization features
  • Logo and white labeling
  • Folders and subaccounts
  • Bulk uploading
  • In-depth analytics for dynamic QR codes

2. Unitag

UnitagUnitag is a QR code generator ideal for individuals and solopreneurs. It allows you to create custom QR codes with basic customization features. You can use pre-designed templates and customize your QR codes by changing colors and eye shapes.

Unitag supports a few important QR code types: URL QR code, Social Media QR code, and Location QR code. However, it lacks management features like folders, subaccounts, and bulk uploading.

Key Features:

  • 9 QR code types
  • QR codes with logos
  • Colors and eye shapes
  • Pre-designed templates

3. GoQR


GoQR allows you to create both static and dynamic QR codes. The available QR code solutions include vCard, URL, SMS, Geolocation, Text, Call, Event, Email, and Wi-Fi.

However, GoQR doesn’t support QR code customization. If you want to change the design of your QR code, you’ll need to send a request to the GoQR team. The starting price for designing a QR code is $80. But if you need a QR code generator to create basic QR codes, GoQR can be an ideal pick.

Key Features:

  • 9 QR code types
  • Static and dynamic QR codes
  • QR code tracking and analytics
  • QR code designs for $80

4. QRStuff


QRStuff is a QR code generator that supports 20+ QR code solutions and types. If you need a versatile QR code solution, QRStuff can be a good pick. You can create both static and dynamic QR codes using this tool.

The platform offers basic customization features, such as adding a logo to your QR code and changing its color. You also get QR code management features like folders, bulk uploading, and QR code analytics.

Key Features:

  • Static and dynamic QR codes
  • 20+ QR code types
  • Project folders
  • The bulk QR code generator
  • QR code analytics

5. QR.net


If you need a beginner-friendly QR code generator for creating static and dynamic QR codes, you can try QR.net. It allows you to create URL QR codes and track the scans of your dynamic QR codes.

QR.net doesn’t support QR code customization. You can’t change the shape or color of QR codes or add stickers to them. However, it offers QR code management features like an analytics dashboard, white labeling, and adding a logo.

Key Features:

  • Static and dynamic QR codes
  • Up to 1,000 active QR codes and unlimited scans
  • Up to 100 Mb of storage
  • Logo and white labeling
  • Analytics for active QR codes


The QR code generators discussed above will help you find a QR code solution. Choosing a QR code generator that aligns with your business and marketing objectives is essential. Determine the features you need in your QR code platform, and select a solution accordingly.

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