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5 Best Universities in Dubai

Students wanting to pursue in Dubai will also be intrigued to learn that there are more than 65 private universities in Dubai, plus year-round sunlight, loads of fellow foreign students, diversity, and choice in a bustling nightlife environment, as well as plenty of devoted student services across the Dubai International Academic City (DIAC), a primary function trade agreement for tertiary academics. Dubai universities are classified as both a local university (founded and located in Dubai) and a regional campus (founded in another country, with a campus in Dubai). Below are among the most famous local and branch universities in Dubai:

Al Ghurair University

British University in Dubai

Al Ghurair University, a dedicated private university through DIAC, was first founded to continue providing graduates with the skills and training necessary to promote the growth and competitiveness of their societies. AGU is accredited by MOHESR and is offering Bachelor’s degrees through its three campuses. The College of Business Studies (COBS) provides business management, the College of Computers teaches courses in information technology, and the College of Research & Technology includes electrical and mechanical engineering and computer technology in engineering. AGU does have a School of Architecture, which provides students with academic training for clinical experience in interior decorating.

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University of Dubai

British University in Dubai

The University of Dubai is a globally and nationally recognized university situated in the middle of Dubai. Founded to solve the skill shortage in the community, UD currently provides Bachelor’s university courses in Business Policy, Management, Communications, Finance, Banking, Accounting, Human Resources Management, Entrepreneurship Management, Economics, Supply Chain and Logistics Management, and Information Technology, as well as Master’s degree in Business (MBA), Information Systems (MScIS) and law studies.

Zayed University

Zayed University

The largest of the three government-sponsored universities in the UAE, Zayed University, has three major campuses, one here in Abu Dhabi and another in Dubai. It consists of six separate colleges with nationally recognized Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Arts, Business, Communication, and Media Sciences, Education, Sustainable Sciences and Humanities and Technology Advancement. Zayed University is now housing the Center for Islamic Community Studies and the University Department (which prepares students for university-level learning).

Biotechnology University College Dubai

Biotechnology University College Dubai offers all undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Biotechnology, Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Environmental and Agricultural Studies, Petroleum and Industrial Studies and DNA Forensics and Bioinformatics, as well as a model program, an international student executive committee, and a scholarship program. The BUC provides a new campus, as well as programs for internships and vocational training.

British University in Dubai

British University in Dubai

The British University in Dubai is a data analysis, postgraduate university operating in collaboration with a number of prominent UK universities – the University of Edinburgh, the University of Manchester, Cardiff University, and King’s College London. BUiD is based in Dubai International Academic City and provides MOHESR-accredited services in the fields of Business Administration (MBA), Informatics, Information Technology Management, Project Management, Education, Finance and Banking, Architecture and Sustainable Building Environment, Human Resources Management, Systems Engineering, Planning, Intelligent Structural Engineering, Construction, and decor.

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