4 Hacks to Turn TikTok Followers into YouTube Subscribers

Though TikTok is not revealing its statistics, it is estimated that it has about five hundred million active users in most of the Asian countries. It is a social networking app that got much hype in no time and still each day thousands of people from all over the world join TikTok. It is available in various languages, which makes it a perfect platform for striving influencers and content creators to develop a strong social circle or community all over their content.

TikTok Followers to Youtube Subscribers

No doubt YouTube is still the king of the Internet as most people choose YouTube over TikTok as a better option for marketing and a better source of entertainment. This is because TikTok videos are quite small, but keeping aside this fact, TikTok helps you get more fame on your other social media accounts. If you have strong followership on TikTok and you wish to turn these TikTok followers into YouTube Subscribers, then you need to follow some simple hacks or tricks.

1. Stop Posting the Same Content on YouTube

Creating the same content that made you popular on TikTok is not a good start to attract your viewers on YouTube. As short lip-synching, funny, or dancing videos and performances on TikTok may help you get many followers and TikTok likes, but it doesn’t work that way on YouTube. Other than problems related to copyright, audiences associating themselves to see you working on the same ideas and doing the same thing but on a different social media platform is about to get remote and old, very soon. So it is important to create different content on YouTube than the content you upload on TikTok. Add a link to your YouTube profile in your TikTok bio and you will experience more visits on your YouTube channel.

2. Work on Your Transferable Skills

If you are planning to build a fan base on TikTok based on your personality and behavior, then that would be a perfect start for you or any other content creator. Audience or viewers value the quality of content over the creator, on YouTube, and if the creator has been posting content successfully with having complete knowledge about the likes and dislikes of his audience, then this is the most perfect skill.

Turn TikTok Followers into YouTube Subscribers

3. Understand and Learn More About YouTube

YouTube and TikTok have many similarities as both platforms provide opportunities to their users to watch, entertain, and to engage followers with new content. But if you want to understand and progress on YouTube, you need to expand your vision, channel, and content, just like other video creators. For that, set your YouTube goal. If getting popularity on this platform is your only goal then this won’t last for a long time. All the famous YouTubers of present times have put efforts for many years to earn your trust, love, and respect. Having a better understanding of YouTube algorithms, what kind of videos to create, and your skills are what helps you go in the right direction.

4. Encourage your followers to follow you on YouTube

It is important to mention your YouTube account on TikTok as your followers won’t know where else you have accounts on the Internet. You must know ways to encourage your TikTok audience to follow you on other social media accounts. Don’t hesitate to ask them for that as it won’t harm you but also think technically what reason you should give them to follow you. Create a state of suspense by uploading teasers of your YouTube videos on your TikTok account. This will force them to visit your YouTube channel.

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